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Ductless Heat Pumps - Portland, OR

Ductless heat pump systems are taking the Portland area by storm. A ductless heat pump is one unit that provides both heating and cooling. Our clients love the benefits of ductless heating and ductless cooling as it is an energy efficient technology that saves money, saves energy and provides a higher level of comfort.

The ductless heat pump is a great solution for any home that currently has electric heat (this includes baseboard electric heat, cadette heaters, space heaters, etc..). However, many homes that use propane, wood stoves and other forms of heating are good candidates for a ductless heat pump. 

Applications for the ductless heat pump are:

  • Replacement of existing furnace, and or air conditioner. Going ductless is a great way to improve the way your home is heated and cooled.
  • Remodeling and home addition projects. Since the ductless heat pump does not require duct work, it is a great solution for home additions and remodeling projects. A ductless heat pump can easily heat additional areas of the home efficiently.
  • New Construction. If you are building a new home, consider a ductless heat pump as your heating solution. 

What is it? 
A ductless, mini-split heat pump is a heating system that does not require duct work! It's the perfect solutions for any home that is being heated with electric heat. what is a ductless heat pump?

Who Needs It?
If you have a home that is being heated with electric baseboard heat, wall heaters or wood stove the ductless heat pump is a perfect solutions for you. The ductless heat pump is supported by the EPA, DOE (Department of Energy), and local utility companies. Right now there are federal rebates and local incentives to purchase a ductless heat pump system.
who needs a ductless heat pump?

Why Ductless? 
Save money. Save Energy. Enjoy more comfort. These are the 3 biggest reasons people "go ductless." Let's start with the savings. Right now there is a $1500 federal rebate. Combine that with incentives by your local utility company and the savings add up fast. Then continue to enjoy the benefits of ductless heating systems energy efficiency. You can expect to save up to 25% to 50% on your monthly heating bill. Then enjoy the comfort that a ductless system provides...quiet comfort, no more hot or cold spots. And lets not forget that the system not only heats your home but converts to an air conditioning unit in the summer.

How Do I Get One? 
Call Comfort Solutions and we'll help you find the right product for you.We offer the best products in ductless heat pump technology. Call today and w
e'll show you some of the ways a ductless heat pump will benefit you:

  • Great for any home that currently heats with electric heat.
  • Great way to heat a newly remodeled home or location.
  • Better than window air conditioners. Mini-split systems are quieter, more attractive more efficient and offer better security.
  • Enjoy energy savings of up to 50%
  • Aesthetically pleasing. Low profile indoor units come with attractive covers and can be ceiling or wall mounted.
We are one of Portland's most experienced contractor for ductless heat pumps and mini split systems. We're in your neighborhood today. Call us at 503.698.2665.

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